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Customer Testimonials


"I recently acquired my pistol license and first pistol. I am not really a “gun” guy but I needed to learn. I was fortunate to take the AIM Fundamentals course before setting out on my own. I would have developed bad habits had I not learned the right and safe way to handle a pistol.  Having taken the course, I don’t believe that anyone can get full knowledge of the use of a pistol from online training. This is really a “hands on” sport. The target shooting is critically important.

Our class had some experienced pistol shooters and some novices. The instructors gave class type instruction on tips and techniques but did their best work when they coached and mentored each of the participants.  They recognized the strengths and weaknesses of each participant and worked effectively with each one. As a novice, I got more attention than some that I 1) needed and 2) appreciated. I think that this course should be a requirement for anyone with a new pistol permit and pistol. I recommend it highly."

DAVE (AGE: 66)



Pre-Class Questionnaire
Must be completed and submitted to instructor upon entering class.


Required Equipment List
Checklist of required equipment for the various classes offered.


Active Military & Police Discounts Available
Any active Military or active Police/Peace Officers receive 10% off all courses except HR 218.